I Tried

A poem i wrote after seeing a certain post might link the original post if I can find it ok bye

I tried to run
I tried to hide
Tried to fight the monster that’s inside
But I see an endless sun

I think of when I showed my fear
And wish I’d see the moon once more
I look inside to my deep core
And whisper to you my dear

Can you hear me I don’t know
Pull me out
Another bought
And I just sit there and say no

I burn inside from weary days
When roads have been but miles and miles
And endless suffering with no smiles
And I fight in eternal frays

But all this accomplishes is in the end
An eternal flame for me to spurn
My mind takes another turn
And once more I cannot fend

And so I wait for my kingdom come
And God to hear my prayers

A Reason

Hey everyone it’s me first post here. So I’m here to blog about just the struggle of self-harm and how to get past it just want to let you know I honestly think this whole post sounds like shit but yeah I’m here if you need help thnx